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I think I've finally decided what I'm going to do with this page. I shall dedicate it to the study (and relentless praise) of google. (of course, someone else has beaten me to this, viz. the Google Weblog (nice piece of phrase-grabbing there, and it's paid off - it's ifl:weblog!). (see also (ifl:)GoogleGuy says)


There have been a number of google-based phenomena which have come to my attention recently, and doubtless many which haven't. Since I don't know of any definitive list, I shall attempt to create one.

Clearly, the first thing to do in such an endeavour is to come up with a unique and catchy keyword for proliferation.

  Googlomena, I choose you!

I hereby define "Googlomena" (singular Googlomenon) to be: "(mass) google-related phenomena". Specifically, I'm interested in the mass social effects (on the internet and in Real Life) of having such a good approximation to "all knowledge" to hand, and the ways in which people try to use/abuse/exploit google.

(Incidentally, I'm currently (3 May 2003) the sixth person on the Internet According to Google to record that GIYF denotes that "Google Is Your Friend", despite the fact that 2,960 pages have used the phrase in its full form. And no-one has yet spotted that DIAD stands for "Dilbert Is A Documentary"... (21 Oct 2005))

Before I start on the googlomena themselves, here are some useful google-related tools:

The Google Toolbar

13 Jul 2003 - The Google Toolbar 2.0 is in beta, with an interesting "blog this" button. Is Google about to take over the blogosphere?

If you haven't installed the (ifl:)google toolbar yet, you'd better have a good reason. I suppose using (ifl:)Mozilla or Links (ifl:links+web+browser) counts.

IFL, "Link by What, not Where." (™, except not)

The "I'm Feeling Lucky" Protocol. In the interests of cleaning up this page, I've given this its own page.


These aren't exactly googlomena, so they have their own page too.

Google Copernicus Center is hiring

New 1 April, 2004: Google now have jobs that are "out of this world" (ifl:google+lunar+job).

"Don't be evil"

Not quite Google's motto but one of their "most cherished core values" is (ifl:)"Don't be evil". Another of Google's "key philosophies" is "Focus on the user, and all else will follow". And according to's about page, "(ifl:)Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally useful and accessible".

Know Thy Google

Here are some lesser-known aspects of Google:

...and for people who really don't explore much:

In the same general area, here are some nice things which people have done with the (ifl:)Google Web APIs:

Without further ado, here's:

A List of Googlomena

Here are some articles about google. I read a number of these but usually forget to document them.